Ridgway Confections


159 Main Street
Seeley’s Bay, ON, K0H 2N0
T: 613-532-4468

W:  www.ridgwayconfections.com

E: ridgwayconfections@gmail.com

About Ridgway Confections

Ridgway Confections specialises in fine hand crafted belgian chocolates.  Each of our creations is made only with fresh ingredients – like butter and cream.  We source our ingredients locally where possible and where it is not possible (ie chocolate) we ensure that our purchases are made from 100% sustainably grown cocoa beans.  We also make a range of brittles (chocolate covered sponge candy is a customer favourite)  and barks.  Additionally, we make a ‘bean to bar’ chocolate bar that is sweetened with local maple syrup.

We have been creating ‘sweet things’ for family for a number of decades.  Approximately, 5 years ago we were asked to make fudge for our local gift shop (The Nest Egg).  We rented their commercial kitchen and made our creations on a hot plate and tempered our chocolate in a small melter.  Fast forward, a couple of years and today we have our own commercial kitchen (with a slightly larger melter) and we recently opened a showroom in this lovely village.

In September we organise and the The Ridgway Truffle Shuffle.  Join us for 5km run/walk through the beautiful village of Seeley’s Bay.  All money raised after operational costs (ie. permits, registration fees, etc) are donated to the Seeley’s Bay Food Bank.  This year will be our 3rd – now annual Truffle Shuffle.  This year’s date is Sunday September 24th and online registration opens June 10, 17.