Paddling in Seeley’s Bay

PaddlingSeeley’s Bay is the first full service community, north of Kingston, at the southern end of the Rideau Corridor. Located just off Highway 15, it sits on a bay a few hundred metres off the main navigation channel of the Rideau Canal Waterway. You will find lots of accommodation choices within a few kilometres of Seeleys Bay. Seeleys Bay offers a new paddling station where visitors can easily enter and exit the water. There is a community park with playground and picnic tables. Secure your belongings in the paddling lockers and take a walk into the village. While there check out the Nestegg for some delicious ice cream and homemade chocolates (made right in the village) or lull away the afternoon on the patio at Perry’s Place.  Prefer a quiet lunch in the park?  You will find a full service grocery store with an in-store deli. There is also a hardware store if you are in need of any supplies.

Morton Bay

This sheltered bay is a very pretty area dominated by large granite outcrops; Rock Dunder and Dunders Mate (part of the Lyndhurst Pluton). Much of the land in the vicinity of Rock Dunder is owned by the Rideau Waterway Land Trust and a trail leads to the top. The trail is a bit hard to access from the water – look for a good landing spot between the peak of Rock Dunder and Floods Island and head uphill until you intersect the trail.  It is well worth a paddle into this bay to enjoy the scenery, have a swim and/or hike to the top of Rock Dunder and/or the cliffs above the dam.  Ken Watson’s Guide which can be found by clicking here is an amazing resource and read for those paddling the Rideau Canal.


Difficulty: This is approximately 7km from Seeley's Bay to Morton Bay.

Places to start: Start at the paddling station in Seeley's Bay. If you need supplies there is a grocery store in the main village and a hardware store.

Notes and Cautions: Please read the trip planning information on www.rideau‐ While these lakes are easy paddling, normal paddling preparations should be made (all required safety gear, maps, food, water, first‐aid kit, etc.). Zebra mussels are present in many areas along the Rideau, so a pair of water shoes (to avoid cut feet) is recommended.Please take all normal safety precautions, including checking the weather forecast before you head out and making sure that someone on shore knows your planned travel route and itinerary